To demonstrate how we can improve chip design productivity, we are offering a 14-day free trial of our flagship product to qualified prospects. Fill out a basic qualification form, and our representative will contact you on the same business day.




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Adeptix offers both online and live demonstration of its technology.


To get a quick introductory look at Adeptix's tools, view an online demonstration of our products. Our flagship product, Automatic Specification Translator (ASTRA) Shuttle™, consists of three independent tools: ASTRA Wave™, ASTRA State™ and ASTRA Data™.

The ASTRA Shuttle suite is rooted in the library of verification infrastructure components or patterns: Verification Pattern Library or ASTRA VPL™.

Note that basic registration is required to download the demos. The demonstration of each tool takes approximately 6 minutes.




To give you a better understanding of our technology, we would be happy to schedule an in-depth live demonstration of our technology via the Internet or at your premises. This demonstration will be tailored to reflect the needs of your particular project. To schedule a live demo, please fill out a short qualification form, and an Adeptix representative will contact you on the same business day.





Adeptix Inc. is now a research partner of IBM. This partnership will help promote IBM's advanced verification solutions in Canada, whereby Adeptix will gain access to  IBM's state-of-the-art formal verification tools and services. Adeptix welcomes the opportunity to begin a research relationship with one of the world's most renowned technology leaders. More>>

If you would like to receive more information about our technology, please fill out a short contact page.



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