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This page contains links to over 200 Electronic Design Automation (EDA) companies. If you would like to add a link to this list, please contact us either through this website or by email.


@HDL, Inc.
0-in Design Automation
ACAD Corp.
AccelChip, Inc.
Advantest Corp.
Adeptix, Inc.
AC Microwave GmbH
Agilent EEsof EDA
Alatek, Inc.
Aldec, Inc.
Alternative Systems Concepts
AmmoCore Tech.
Anasift Technology
Annapolis Micro Systems
Ansoft Corp.
Apache Design Solutions
Apex Design Systems
APLAC Solutions, Inc.
Applied Simulation Tech.
Applied Wave Research, Inc.
Archelon, Inc.
ArchSilc Design Automation
Artwork Conversion, Inc.
Ascend Design Automation
Astek Corp.
Atrenta, Inc.
Avertec SA
Avery Design Systems
Axis Systems
Axys Design Automation
Barcelona Design, Inc.
Bartels System GmbH
Beach Solutions
BindKey Tech.
Blue Pacific Computing
Cadence Design Systems
Cad-migos Software Tools, Inc.
Carbon Design Systems
Card Tools Systems
Celoxica, Ltd.
ChipVision AG
Cimmetry Systems, Inc.
CiraNova, Inc.
Circuit Semantics
CMP Technology, Inc.
Cohesion Systems
Concept Engineering GmbH
CoWare, Inc.
Credence (IMS)
Critical Blue
Design Workshop Tech.
DuPont Photomasks, Inc.
Dynalith Systems
Edaptive Computing, Inc.
Electra Design Automation
Elanix, Inc.
Electronics Workbench
Esterel Technologies
EverCAD Navigator Corp.
Expressive Systems, Inc.
Fintronic USA, Inc.
FishTail Design Automation
Flynn Systems, Inc.
Foresight Systems, Inc.
Forte Design Systems
FTL Systems
Future Design Automation
Genesys Testware, Inc.
Golden Gate Tech.
Green Mountain Computing
GreenLight LLC
Hardi Electronics
Hier Design
HPL Tech.
IC Editors, Inc.
Icinergy Software Co.
IC Manage, Inc.
In2Fab, Inc.
Incentia Design Systems
InnoLogic Systems
Integrated Systems Engineering
Intellitech Corp.
Interactive Products, Inc.
Interra Systems
InterWeave Tech.
InTime Software
JAD Research, Inc.
Jasper Design Automation
Jeda Technologies
Launchbird Design Systems, Inc.
Legend Design Technology
Library Technologies, Inc.
Macrovision Corp.
Magma Design Automation
Manhattan Routing, Inc.
MathWorks, Inc.
MatricUS, Inc.
Mentor Graphics
Mefas, Inc.
Mician GbR
MicroEDA Corp.
ML Design Technologies
Model Tech, Inc.
Monterey Design Systems
Multigig, Ltd.
MyCAD, Inc.
Nassda Corp.
NeoLinear, Inc.
Novas Software, Inc.
Novilit, Inc.
NP Test, Inc.
Obsidian Software, Inc.
OEA International, Inc.
Ohio Design Automation
OptEM Engineering
Optimal Corp.
Oridus, Inc.
Orora Design Tech.
Paragon IC Solutions
PDF Solutions
Phase Three Logic
Pinebush Tech.
Pittsburgh Simulation
Platform Computing, Inc.
ProDesign CAD GmbH
Prolific, Inc.
Prosilog SA
Prover Technology
Provis Corp.
Pulsic, Ltd.
Q Design Automation
Rainbow Technologies
Random Logic Corp.
Runtime Design Automation
SDV, Inc.
Safelogic AB
Sandstrom Engineering
Sandwork Design, Inc.
Sequence Design, Inc.
Signal Integrity Software
Sigrity, Inc.
Silicon Canvas, Inc.
Silicon Dimensions, Inc.
Silicon Forest Research
Silicon Metrics Corp.
Silvaco International
Simucad, Inc.
Soft Networks LLC
SolutionSoft Systems, Inc.
Spectrum Software, Inc.
Stone Pillar Technologies
Stridge, Inc.
Summit Design, Inc.
Sycon Design, Inc.
Symphony EDA
SynApps Software Corp.
SynaptiCAD, Inc.
Synchronicity, Inc.
Synfora, Inc.
Synopsys, Inc.
Synplicity, Inc.
Syntest Tech.
Syntricity, Inc.
Tanner EDA
Target Compiler Tech.
Tau Simulation
TDA Systems
Temento Systems SA
Tenison EDA
Tera Systems, Inc.
Teseda Corp.
Tesoft, Inc.
Tharas Systems, Inc.
Time Rover, Inc.
Translogic Corp.
Transim Technology Corp.
Tuscany Design Automation
UbiTech, Inc.
VaST Systems, Inc.
Verific Design Automation
Verisity Design, Inc.
Veritable, Inc.
Veritools, Inc.
Verplex Systems, Inc.
Vertechs Integration
Virtutech AB
ViASIC, Inc.
Whiteley Research
X-Tek Corp.
XCAD Corp.
Xpedion Design Systems
Xyalis, Inc.
Y Explorations, Inc.
Z Circuit Automation
Zeland Software, Inc.
Zenasis Tech, Inc. RaveSim, Inc.





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