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Adeptix delivers system verification expertise and best practices in the form of technology solutions, value-added services and hands-on workshops that help maximize productivity of your design and verification teams while decreasing the risk of a re-spin and accelerating your time-to-market. 


Recognizing that today's verification process consumes more than 70% of project resources, Adeptix concentrates on the verification methodology as one the most critical stages of chip development.

Adeptix delivers methodology consulting on all aspects of the verification process. Our primary goal is to help designers achieve the highest level of productivity and ensure the fastest time to market.  The Know-how of our seasoned verification experts can help your design teams apply the latest techniques and the most advanced tools to solve your verification challenges in the shortest time possible.

At Adeptix, we emphasize the importance of developing modular and reusable verification infrastructure. Overall, our methodology consulting services include the following:

  • Documentation development methodology, including
    chip specification documents and verification plans
  • Thorough analysis of the verification task to define the
    optimum verification strategy
  • Testbench architecturing to enable maximum reuse
  • Definition and implementation of cycle-precise
    verification components
  • Definition of testbench transactions and
    transaction-based verification components
  • Definition and implementation of constraint-random
    functional models and coverage monitors
  • Assertion-based verification: definition and implementation
    of design assertions (PSL, SVA, OVL).
  • Formal verification of design properties using advanced
    verification methodology and tools, such as IBM's RuleBase.
  • Efficient verification of multiple clock domain designs
  • Project infrastructure development: methodology and
    scripting for efficient front-end chip design.

In order to maximize the value of our services for your company, we offer a free audit of your existing verification methodology.

Getting started with Adeptix Methodology Consulting is quick, easy and risk free. Simply fill out a short contact form, and an Adeptix consulting representative will respond to your inquiry on the same business day.




Our group of design and verification experts is available to join your team for projects ranging from a few days to several months. Use our services from the start of your project and enjoy faster adoption of new technology and methods plus improved project productivity earlier in the design process. Having hands-on experience in virtually all front-end chip development stages, our team enables safe, efficient and cost-effective development of advanced systems and design within the required timeframe.




Adeptix is one of the few companies who possess the highly specialized experience needed to provide custom EDA tool development. We offer to our customers a wide range of development services necessary to develop company-specific EDA tools and applications in a short period of time. In addition, we provide development services to enhance your existing tools in order to enable a smooth and more efficient chip design flow.

Click on the picture below to view GUI samples of some of our tools.

At Adeptix, we are committed to developing your company-specific EDA tools to help you improve methodology and design process.





Adeptix Inc. is now a research partner of IBM. This partnership will help promote IBM's advanced verification solutions in Canada, whereby Adeptix will gain access to  IBM's state-of-the-art formal verification tools and services. Adeptix welcomes the opportunity to begin a research relationship with one of the world's most renowned technology leaders. More>>

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