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Adeptix helps chip designers and architects expand their expertise by providing custom-designed hands-on workshops. 


Whether your team is just getting started or you have experienced developers who wish to pursue more advanced topics, we can meet your needs. You can enrol in any of our standard workshops, or alternatively we can deliver on-site training tailored for your particular project requirements.

The workshops are developed and presented by engineering experts with many years of experience in hardware design and verification.


In order to leverage the advantages and avoid the limitations of the static formal verification methods, it is important to understand the basic principles behind the formal verification. During our hands-on workshops, you will learn the main principles of formal verification: model checking and theorem proving. 

The workshop covers an overview of model checking with Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD) and introduction to the Computational Temporal Logic (CTL) and Linear Temporal Logic (LTL).

Our easy-to-understand yet descriptive examples illustrate the formal verification methodology and its place in the overall verification process.




Assertion-based Verification (ABV) is a verification methodology that makes assertions a key element of verification, ensuring that key design properties are thoroughly verified.

Assertions benefit design and verification by removing ambiguity from specifications, detecting errors early in the design cycle and reducing the number of errors in subsequent stages of production.

Many existing EDA tool vendors have already integrated assertion-based verification languages into their verification tools. It is essential for the design community to ramp up and utilize the benefits assertion-based verification brings to the project.

The Adeptix assertion-based verification workshops enable quick and effortless adoption of assertions into projects by delivering an in-depth understanding of the language and providing a sound verification methodology to exploit it.

With its assertion-based verification workshops, Adeptix provides a quick and efficient introduction to assertion-based design and verification, enabling designers to utilize the power of assertion-based verification immediately after completing the course. During the workshops, you will receive hands-on examples related to your particular design and verification challenges. 



In today's design organizations, virtually all EDA tools contain embedded Tool Command Language (TCL) interpreters. A good knowledge of TCL is essential for the effective utilization of expensive and complex EDA tools. The TCL for EDA workshop is the fastest and most effective way for engineers to understand the powerful capabilities of TCL and become proficient in this language.

By offering TCL for EDA training, Adeptix is leveraging its vast TCL/TK development and an advanced EDA tool expertise. Our expertise in the field is well-known and recognized worldwide, as it is evident from a reputable TCL for EDA website. TCL for EDA is an open-source repository of articles, tools, scripts and applications. The repository was created by Adeptix's Founder and CEO Alexander Gnusin in 2002, and since then the site has become a reputable resource widely popular among chip designers and verification engineers worldwide.

Review on TCLforEDA in EE design - 2003
Review on TCLforEDA in EE design - 2002

Adeptix's TCL for EDA workshops offer examination of important case studies and teach powerful TCL techniques used in the chip design automation process. The workshop topics vary depending on the level of expertise, target applications and project needs of the participants. Among the topics covered in the workshops are the following:

  • TCL for Synthesis, STA, DFT

  • TCL for Verification: writing TCL test and
    controlling simulation run

  • TCL for Project Environment: Runscripts and

  • TCL for EDA tools interoperability and efficient
    project organization

  • TCL/TK for Add-Ins and applications development

  • TCL/TK for in-house EDA tools development

By providing TCL for EDA workshops, Adeptix helps its customers make significant improvements in efficiency and productivity at all stages of the chip design where TCL is involved





Adeptix Inc. is now a research partner of IBM. This partnership will help promote IBM's advanced verification solutions in Canada, whereby Adeptix will gain access to  IBM's state-of-the-art formal verification tools and services. Adeptix welcomes the opportunity to begin a research relationship with one of the world's most renowned technology leaders. More>>

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