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Web Marketing and SEO Services

We approach Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a means of transforming your website into a powerful yet cost-effective vehicle for generating considerable and sustainable revenue.

Our Web Marketing and SEO services are provided with the sole objective of helping you build successful lead-generation campaigns and attract potential customers through your website. We help you learn, plan, implement, and manage the search engine optimization of your website quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We offer a full range of services to help you accomplish these goals.

Value Proposition

As a rule, Search Engine Optimization is understood as a set of techniques that help ensure Google and other search engines index your website within a certain category and rank it higher than other sites in this category for specific keywords. These keywords are the words that would best describe your business or area of expertise. To put it simply, if search engines "decide" that you are an expert in your field, they will rank your website highly. Web Marketing is also often understood as a symbiosisof Internet advertising and regular email mail-outs.

While we fully agree with these definitions of Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, we extend our understanding and application of these notions somewhat further. Our Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are conducted so that your website helps you increase sales and generate higher revenue.

In practice, it also means that our SEO helps you outsmart your competition and make sure that users who are looking for your type of products or services not only find your site among the first few links on search engines, but also prefer it over other sites and come back to you when they need more.

Otherwise, what is the point in spending resources on optimizing a website and driving traffic to it, if it doesn't contribute to your sales or business objectives? What is the point in investing in online advertising, if nobody is ordering your products or services through your website?

To achieve your business objectives, you can't aim at merely driving traffic to your website, you need to attract customers and you need to retain them. Our way of doing Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization helps you do just that.

Our Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services help you generate considerable and sustainable revenuethrough your website quickly and cost-effectively.

Marketing Communications Solutions

Our partner network comprises thirteen creative agencies from North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our partners compliment our core expertise of SEO and Internet Marketing, allowing us to expand our services and offer our customers a full spectrum of marketing communications solutions in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

When working with us, you will be assigned a designated account manager who will  coordinate all activities and will be responsible for the success of your project.

PR and Media Relations

  • Aragona Communications, Canada
  • Metis Communications, USA

Website Design and Development

Flash and Multimedia

  • The Pixel Studios, France
  • NVision, India
  • KSTC, The Philippines

3D Design

  • Manic 3D, The Philippines
  • Regisser, Romania

Cartoons, Illustrations, and Animation

  • The Pixel Studios, France
  • KSTC, China

Software Development

Our Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Web Marketing and SEO Consultant based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Anna Tulchinsky is an Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert, specializing in lead generation and web-based sales strategies since 2001. As an owner of several web-based businesses, Anna is actively engaged in Consulting on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for technology companies as well as small and medium-size businesses.

With an academic background in Cognitive Linguistics gained through Doctoral studies on Semantics and Pattern Recognition, more than five years of teaching experience at the University of Alberta, Canada, and over seven years of running her own Internet businesses, Anna is in a unique position to deliver the highest quality of Internet Marketing services to her clients.

In addition to running an SEO and Web Marketing Consultancy from Ottawa, Anna is currently teaching two evening courses at Algonquin College: Marketing Communications (PRL 5224) and Persuasion and Public Opinion (PRL 5225).

Professional Memberships

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Anna has been recognized as a full member of the following International Web Marketing and SEO professional associations:

In addition, Anna is a member of the following Canadian associations:

Recent Projects

Full Company List

Below are some of the companies Anna worked with in 2002-2008. For more information, please review the Testimonials page. To receive customer references, please send Anna an email or call her at (613) 231-6308.

What Some of Our Customers are Saying

Anna’s training was tremendously helpful in bringing our SEO and website design efforts to a higher level. Her seminar was thorough, actionable and efficient. Anna covered a great deal of material but never rushed through explanations or group discussions. She rather maximized our time to the fullest potential. Whether your company is just starting out in SEO or website design or you’re looking to up your game on current efforts, Anna is a fantastic resource and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Kerry Chatburn
Marketing Manager, DNA Genotek
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Joomla is easy to use, flexible, low cost and delivers a professional user interface. And most of all, I like the fact that I can add pages or change text using a simple, user friendly interface without having to call a developer. Initial design and set-up is a bit more complicated. Because of this, I used the services of Anna Tulchinsky Consultancy. The firm was very knowledgeable on Joomla, helpful throughout the site creation process, and focused on project success. The support the firms provides is outstanding. I feel confident recommending them...

Alan Manara
Senior Partner, BP&M Consulting
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Anna and Shawn did a great job on our web site. While Joomla is a great and powerful tool with which to build a web 
site, the number of choices and options can be daunting to someone new to it, as we were. They were able to review our requirements, and identify the templates, tools, and add-ons needed to build and deploy a smart, user friendly web site for us quickly and economically. Even more important for us, once the site was up and running the training provided has allowed us to build on their solid base to keep our web site current as our business developed. The job was done in a highly professional manner, on time, and on budget. All in all, a great team to work with.

William Colls
Owner, Arborisan Wood Craft,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Anna has done an amazing job with creating content of our new emerit.ca website.

Ioana McDonald
Project Manager, CTHRC
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Before taking Anna's SEO seminar, I was overwhelmed by the number of different and sometimes contradictory approaches to search engine optimization. Anna laid out my goals in three simple words: expertise, relevance, and popularity. Then she walked through multiple ways to obtain each goal, removing the fog in front of my eyes. I left the seminar with a clear set of actions to take, lined up in priority and targeting all my needs.

Terry Newcombe
CEO, Balloons Beyond Belief
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much Anna for your wonderful and insightful SEO seminar. Best money we ever spent on training. As you can see we have greatly improved our rating. As Magpie Jewellery's online store manager, I look forward to having more time to devote to SEO and improve our ROI event more.

Thanks also for your great generosity sharing many of your resources with us. To any one considering this seminar do not hesitate - it is more than worth your time and money. But do have a good nights sleep before. Anna will share so much valuable information you will not want to miss any of it.

Suzanne Legault
Store Manager, Magpie Jewellery
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Anna suggested and helped our development team implement a highly successful SEO strategy that has put us on the first two pages on Google and other engines for dozens of keywords. In less than 4 months our traffic increased more than 10 fold.

David Reichman
CEO of TripWiser
Sunnyvale, California, USA

I learned more in two hours of Anna's Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization seminar than I did in two days at a Web Marketing conference in Toronto.

Amy Meloche
Marketing Specialist, AutoSkill
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ms. Tulchinsky has conducted SEO training for Destination Ontario Inc. All of our participating employees were pleased with the experience and have found the training to be excellent value. We are pleased to recommend Anna to others with needs in this area.

Gary Clarke
President, Destination Ontario Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I would highly recommend Anna’s services to any company interested in increasing sales through their web site. Anna delivered her SEO workshop for our team, and very quickly we have learned what is required to implement a successful optimization and significantly improve the ranking of our site. Any company looking to improve their ranking will benefit from Anna's expertise to conduct technical site review, complete keyword phrase research, implement tag optimization, linking strategies, deliver comprehensive competitor analysis and assess many more crucial factors required for success.

Henry Lewkowicz
CEO, MODEL Technologies
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Anna was very instrumental in having our web site more prominently listed when being searched via Google. Thanks to her consulting help we were able to have our web site listed on one of the first 3 pages, depending on the key words used by the users. We still use her consulting ideas and continuously try to improve our positioning.

Simon Koziel
Software Development Firm
>New York, New York, USA

Anna, I found a lot of interesting and useful information about Search Engine Optimization during the seminar on September 20, 2005. I got answers to all my questions about this subject. You are a professional in your field. Additionally, your most delicious breakfast made a very warm and friendly environment at the seminar. Thank you!

Valentina Mikhalchuk
Website and Office Manager, Flick Software
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Job profile

We have an ongoing need for English-speaking freelance researchers, writers, and editors to serve a growing base of clients in Canada and the United States. 

We are in the business of using Research and Writing to generate sustainable revenue for our clients. We guarantee high quality of delivered content. For our purposes, 'quality' means well-researched, well-referenced, controversial, provocative, unique, and above all - interesting content. The content we deliver is always of good value to our clients' readers.

Attention-grabbing titles with unsubstantiated content disappoint readers and actually lower visitor-to-buyer conversion rates. This is highly evident in webinars, interviews, and other intensely "interactive" genres. For website visitors, quality of content is virtually synonymous with company reputation. Poor content leads to undermined reputation. Needless to say, poor content is particularly threatening for community-dependent social Web 2.0 sites. It can invalidate all investment efforts poured into various channels of social media marketing (blogs, forums, podcasts, RSS, etc.).

Our goal goes beyond attracting readers' attention with catchy titles. We want our readers to register and buy products on our clients' websites. Therefore, our goal is first to transform visitors' initial attention into interest and then build this interest into appreciation and trust. 

Research and content creation is required for a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from technical descriptions to advice columns to literary and film criticism to blogs on politics and business matters to academic reference materials and directory listings. You won't get bored!

All work is contractual. Fees vary depending on the level of difficulty of the client industry and your level of expertise.

Who is encouraged to apply

If you are a passionate book worm, compulsive RSS-junkie, hungry graduate student, or any other type with a passion for serious research and writing, we want to hear from you.

Graduate students in Literature and Linguistics are encouraged to apply for Writing and Editing contracts. Foreign-educated professionals are welcome to apply for our Research opportunities.

Skills required

  • Researchers
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Proofreaders
  • Data Entry Specialists


This is a piece-of-cake job for most graduate students in Arts, especially at the doctorate level. Conduct research by industry verticals the way you worked on your papers at school, follow a pre-defined document format, don't forget to add colorful graphs and summary tables - and you are done. And no, you don't need an MBA for this. So if you are a doctorate student in any academic discipline, you are most likely already overqualified for what is required of a typical researcher in the business sector. 


Our ideal writer is a graduate student in Arts, preferably with teaching background. Experience in the teaching of writing - in any academic discipline - is highly desired. Courses in rhetoric, composition theory and practice are highly desirable. Special training or experience in such areas as publishing, science or technical writing is also desirable but not required. Please don't be discouraged by the prospect of having to deal with technology assignments. In 90% of cases, if you did not understand the value or benefits of a particular technology, it is because you have been reading poorly written materials or listening to people who are unskilled in presenting information to outsiders, in which case all you need is to find better references. A graduate student in Literature or Linguistics at a Canadian or U.S. university will find this job easy, pleasant, and lucrative.


In this role you will often do more than simple editing. For technology projects, you will be "collating" material from various sources, such as PPT presentations, specifications documents and the like. In some cases, you will be working as a stylist, revamping and modifying content, while in other cases all that will be required is a good cleaning. The level of editing will vary depending on each individual project.


If you are an obsessively compulsive type with formal training in grammar, syntax and punctuation, proofreading is for you. But apart from hunting errors and formatting inconsistencies, you will also be looking for terminological inconsistencies, incomplete definitions and everything else that may have escaped the attention of researchers, writers and editors. 

Data Entry Specialists

This is a good opportunity for undergraduate college students. Quick, accurate typing and attention to detail is all that's needed. Please note that data entry is not for everyone. People get frustrated easily. Only apply if you are comfortable with this type of a job.

How to apply

If writing is your passion and research is your way of life, then send your resume, a brief cover letter and 1-3 short samples of your work to info@annatulchinsky.com. Unless you feel it is absolutely necessary, refrain from sending term papers or lengthy academic publications. We will be happy to review your work more closely at a later stage. Please also note that we are unable to reply to all applicants. If your profile matches our requirements, we will contact you.

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