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The main objective of our consulting work is not only to help you position your website high on Google and other search engines, but also to help you attract customers through your website. We arm you with time-tested techniques to ensurethat visitors coming to your site through a keyword search on search engines do not stop at reading your pages, but progress as far as filling out your order or registration forms.

Basic SEO Consulting Package

Our basic SEO consulting package covers the following:

  1. Introduction to search engine optimization delivered as a workshop and customized to your particular business needs
  2. Overview of your competition with strategic recommendations on how to out-position even your most aggressive competitors
  3. Review and analysis of your website:

  • Analysis of your business category in relation to your SEO objectives (optional)
  • Analysis of your keywords in relation to your sales targets with subsequent optimization recommendations:
    • Amount of information with keywords
    • Frequency of keywords
    • Keyword positioning (how high)
    • Page Title tag and Metatags
    • Links
  • Analysis of your link building strategy in relation to the overall marketing position of your company
  • Review of your site copy (i.e. site content) with optimization recommendations on how to increase your visitor-to-lead conversion rate, i.e. the number of incoming leads registered through your website
  • Critique of your navigation structure and improvement recommendations on how to maximize its SEO potential
  • Critique of your registration form and analysis of other "calls for action"
  • Independent professional opinion about the look-and-feel of your website to assess your customer focus and boost the visitor-to-lead conversion rate:
    • B2B site vs. consumer-oriented site
    • Small company vs. large company
    • Customer-focused vs. investor-focused
  • Rigorous analysis of your existing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns with a focus on designing the most effective "calls for action" and maximizing ROI on selected key phrases. If you need to set up a new PPC campaign, we offer comprehensive PPC consulting and management services.

Before meeting with you, we do our homework to provide you with a detailed report, containing point-by-point evaluation of your website from the point of view of its current SEO standing and in relation to your desired SEO goals.

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