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Search Engine Optimization of a Site

The search engine optimization (SEO) of a site includes the following:

  • rigorous competitive analysis with subsequent development of a winning strategic plan to gain a strong and lasting competitive advantage

  • thorough keyword analysis using industry leading tools

  • carefully planned optimization of your website page by page for a desired number of pre-defined keywords (URLs, folder structure, file names, META tags, etc)

  • revamping and optimization of existing web content, development of new optimized content, synchronized with the overall look-and-feel of your site

  • thoroughly researched link building campaign, implemented in full accordance with the overall marketing strategy of your company

  • implementation of prompting visual calls to action to maximize the effectiveness of your lead-generation strategies

  • budget-conscious enrolment in paid advertising campaigns with major search engines (such as Google's AdWords and others)

Having been properly implemented once, the SEO of a site begins to produce outstanding results very quickly and continues to bring generous rewards for years afterward.

Factors to Consider before Outsourcing SEO of Your Site

If you are thinking of outsourcing the search engine optimization of your website, there are a few factors that are important to account for before the start of the project. These factors are the following:

  • The amount of work required to successfully optimize your site depends on the type of business you compete in. For highly competitive areas, the process can be time-consuming. Depending on the market value of your keywords, the time required to optimize your website can range from one week to several months or even longer. 

  • Once the work is complete, the SEO results may not become apparent for another few weeks (usually 4-8 weeks). At his time, it is important to start implementing marketing programs to help increase your visibility on the Internet (e.g. Google's AdWords, Overture, etc.), and we help you enroll in these campaigns quickly and cost-effectively.

  • You need to be prepared to make changes to your website. In some cases, these changes can be small while in other cases, they can be quite significant. What needs to be changed and/or added will depend on how ambitious your Web Marketing objectives are and how aggressively you decide to pursue them. We will help you make informed decisions and carefully evaluate your strategies and goals.

  • You need to be prepared to provide as much documentation related to your business as possible, i.e. your white papers, technology overview, product description, PowerPoint presentations, demo scripts, and most importantly, your website copy (i.e. your web content). 

  • You need to ensure cooperation of other members of your team or, in the case of a larger company, other teams or even departments, to help ensure smooth project development and fast results.

How We Start Working on Your SEO Project

As a first step, we conduct an evaluation of your website and its existing search engine positioning. We review your Web Marketing strategies, with particular attention to link building and lead-generation techniques.

We then analyze your main competitors and prepare a detailed report, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of their Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization strategies. We contrast and compare your competitors with your existing web presence, providing specific optimization recommendations on how to out-position your competition.

For large projects, we provide a report of what is required to bring your site to the highest positioning results for selected keywords and what needs to be implemented to gain a strong and lasting competitive advantage on search engines.

Together with you and/or your team, we help you determine the scope of your SEO project in relation to your sales targets and create an effective road map for your future project.

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