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Keywords analysis and competitive analysis tools - NEW!
Keyword analysis and competitive analysis tools have become very popular and very much in demand. In 2008, a monthly subscription runs at $80 on average.

iWebTools - NEW!
Search Engine Positioning and other great tools. One of our favourite resources. Fantastic collection of various free SEO and Internet Marketing tools that actually work.  They also sell back links at affordable prices.

AWStats - NEW!
Like Google Analytics, AWStats is a free powerful and feature-rich tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically. This log analyzer works as a CGI or from command line and shows you all possible information your log contains, in few graphical web pages. It uses a partial information file to be able to process large log files, often and quickly. It can analyze log files from all major server tools like Apache log files (NCSA combined/XLF/ELF log format or common/CLF log format), WebStar, IIS (W3C log format) and a lot of other web, proxy, wap, streaming servers, mail servers and some ftp servers.

Free open-source website content management system. It can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Additional fancy add-on components are also available and very inexpensive: CRM, email management, real estate management, what have you - all for a nominal price. Joomla is known to have the largest support community.

It is an open-source framework (content management system) ideal for creating Enterprise Web Applications.  It is a very powerful piece of software but it does require quite a bit of learning and it does have its weaknesses.

Another free open-source website content management system. Also very good. Some argue it is better than Joomla. But there are rumours is it less user friendly.

This is the world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications. If you have some programming knowledge, this resource would save you incredible amount of time and money. For site statistics, search for "web logs" and select from hundreds of free programs.

Create and add a fully-loaded forum to your website in a matter of minutes and free of charge. phpBB2 is the successor to the highly popular phpBB opensource bulletin board system. Re-written from the ground up to be even more flexible, secure and feature packed than its predecesor. phpBB 2.0 features all that was good about phpBB 1.x; one-click install, multiple language packs, simple and intuitive user interfaces, support for BBCode and powerful administration features. It extends this offering complete customisation through a powerful template system, fulltext based searching, advanced permissions system, powerful modularised administration controls, multiple database support, new moderator functions and much more. phpBB is released free of charge.

Shorten your URLs to make them look presentable.

Web scripts free to download
Large selection of scripts that can be used to quickly implement various web components, such as weblogs, website stats, scheduling systems, etc.

World Press - Open Source Blogging Platform
WordPress is a semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. It has a nice looking interface and offers a lot of features. WordPress is free to download. Excellent quality!

Build a professional website in a matter of minutes
This site provides unbelievable links. Follow those links, and you will find all you need to build a professional website with dynamic content in a matter of minutes (if you are a techie, of course).

Complete Web building library 
A collection of free HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, XHTML, WAP, ASP, SQL tutorials with lots of working examples and source code.

Analyze, test, and manage your pages and links
Free online service from Ottawa-based Watchfire that lets you test single pages of web content for quality, accessibility, and privacyissues. Enter a URL in a search box and see how many outgoing links it contains, how many broken links, how many spelling mistakes, etc. A great tool!

Web application information for complex sites
This page contains information that is an absolute "must read" if you are thinking of launching a complex dynamic website or deciding to re-design an existing one (e.g. online sales, banking, bidding, posting, auction, etc.). In addition, we also recommend this page if you are simply looking for quality information about web applications, their types, life cycle, methodologies and customization issues.

SurveyMonkey: Create web-based surveys using templates
This popular website allows you to create web-based surveys quickly and easily. A basic subscription is totally free.  It's a great option for individuals, students, and anyone who doesn't need the advanced features. Basic subscribers are limited to a total of 10 questions and 100 responses per survey. Pay $120 per year and add as many questions as you want.

This website allows you to conduct more sophisticated online surveys and polls. Basic service is free. Upgraded service is $599 per yet, but it seems to be worth it, as it lets you export the results of your surveys into spreadsheets and business reports; brand your survey to enhance your professional look; save your data indefinitely; deploy an unlimited number of surveys to ensure you reach all your customers or constituents.

Free SEO tools
A great resource of simple free SEO tools to help you analyze your and your competitors' back links, site maps, keyword density, page ranking and much more. This free SEO tools for competitive analysis is our favourite.

Free SEO tools from Google
Even if you are very busy, we recommend that you review this resource carefully. It will save you hours of hours and thousands of dollars spent on SEO conusltants.

Collection of free SEO tools
A very large collection of free SEO tools. Highly recommended. 

27 SEO tools every marketing person should use
Those are really good useful tools. All free. In addition, these tools are pretty good as well:

SlideShare.net is website where people can upload their Powerpoint presentations (also works with Open Office and PDF files) to share with the world. The site is very slow, so be patient.

SitePal - Add voice to your site
Copy a few lines of code and add a greeting voice to your site. This tool can be of great help to online stores and other consumer-oriented businesses.

Cool widgets for your websites

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