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Webmaster Tools from Google
An absolute must read for everyone. Note that Google offers great features to help you analyze your own site (how many internal links, external link, page rank, crawl problems, etc.), if you verify that you are, indeed, the owner of the site. To do that, all you need is to copy and paste on your home page a verify meta tag Google will generate for you. Highly recommended!

Google guidelines for selecting an SEO consultant
Another absolute must read. 

SEO basics from Google
This page is an excellent summary of the SEO basis from Google. An absolute must to read.

Google Tools - NEW!
Ever wonder where all those cool tools are stored on Google and how to keep track of them? Well, simply take some time to explore this page and bookmark it! You can also type 'Google tools' in the search box on Google.

How to use Google AdWords
Clear and concise step-by-step instructions on how to subscribe and use Google's AdWords program. Note, for AdWords high click-through-rate (CTR) does not mean high quality of a landing page.

Here is Google AdWords Guide in pdf.

Google Sponsored Links
Use Google Sponsored links to see what keywords your competitors are buying.

Google Suggest
As you type, Google will offer keyword suggestions and you will immediately see how many search results each of them will generate. Very cool!

Google Analytics
Keep an eye on what's new at Google Analytics.

Inside AdWords
In July 2005, Google has created "Inside AdWords". This new blog provides you with the most up-to-date information about AdWords improvements, news, and tips in one location. Their product team updates the site frequently, so you'll know what happens when it happens. In 2007, Google introduced a new type of AdWords - Pay-per-action advertising.

Google Pay-Per-Action FAQs NEW!
Pay-per-action advertising is a new pricing model that allows you to pay only for completed actions that you define, such as a lead, a sale, or a pageview, after a user has clicked on your ad on a publisher's site. You'll define an action, set up conversion tracking, and create ads that publishers in the Google content network can then choose to place in new ad units on their site.

How to Use Gmail as a Business Diary and More Tips -NEW!
Want to be run your business on the go? Want to be organized and stay organized in ONE place? Want to be fast yet efficient? Want to use convenient tools? Then this tutorial is a must. Highly recommended.

Google's information for Web masters
It is advisable to verify everything you learn about SEO with search engines themselves. This page was created by Google specifically for webmasters, treat it as the ultimate authority in the SEO world. Checking this page is particularly important if you've heard conflicting bits of information.

Check your page ranking on Google and Yahoo
This is an excellent free service not affiliated with Google. To use it, you would need a Google API key, which is sent to you by email free of charge. The whole process only takes a minute. Note, that new APIs are no longer issued.

Track your visitor-to-user conversion rate free
Before you can track your visitor-to-user conversion rate, you need to sign up for Google's AdWords (you would need to do this anyway). Conversion tracking feature allows you to track how many ad clicks convert to purchase, sign-ups, page views and leads – free of charge. You will get AdWords conversion data right down to the keyword level in your reports and this is information that can help you better measure your return on investment. For detailed information about this new AdWords feature, please read Google AdWord FAQ or take Google AdWord demo.

Google's tutorials and guides on how to use AdWords
As always, for best results if you have any questions, consult with search engines themselves. This page contains great information and will help you get maximum ROI from your AdWords subscriptions.

Googling to the max 
New web page and one-hour course on using Google and Google's many features effectively. Google is widely recognized as the best general web search engine. The course teaches how to use Google really well, taking advantage of its features and negotiating around its weaknesses.

FAQs about Google's spider
This is an excellent page that gives you all you need to know to understand how Google works.

The Googlerankings Search Engine Optimization link directory
Some of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) links on the Web, sorted by categories (tools, tips, blogs and forums) and ordered by our preference and their Google PageRank.

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