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Evaluating Your Links

Analyze and check quality of your pages
Free online service from Ottawa-based Watchfire that lets you test single pages of web content for quality, accessibility, andprivacy issues. Enter a URL in a search box and see how many outgoing links it contains, how many broken links, how many spelling mistakes, etc. A nice tool!

Yahoo Site Explorer
Yahoo offers this great tool that lets you explorer your site and your back links. More detailed analysis, you will need to authenticate your site by pasting a meta tag on your home page.

Niche Watch
A beautiful free tool to analyse your own site and your competitors'.

Build links by buying them from reputable brokers- NEW!

Analyze your links - NEW!
A great free tool to see how many pages are linked to you, how many links to others, how many pages indexed by Google. Also this back link checker is pretty accurate:http://www.iwebtool.com/backlink_checker

Measure link popularity one search engine at a time
A free service that lets your measure page popularity. Simply type your domain name and see what sites are pointing at you.

Google's webmaster portal
An absolute must read for everyone. Note that Google offers great features to help you analyze your own site (how many internal links, external link, page rank, crawl problems, etc.), if you verify that you are, indeed, the owner of the site. To do that, all you need is to copy and paste on your home page a verify meta tag Google will generate for you. Highly recommended!

Compare your site's popularity with other sites
This site lets you compare the popularity of your site (measured in number of links) against three other sites, or verify how effective your chosen keyword combination is.

Check your links and indexed pages directly with Google.
If you are not a tool person, simply Google the required information by using a few formulas shown in the 'result' column.

Operator Description Result
site: Indexed pages in your site site:www.yourdomain.com
link: Pages that link to your site link:www.yourdomain.com
cache: The current cache of your site cache:www.yourdomain.com
info: Information we have about your site info:www.yourdomain.com
related: Pages that are similar to your site related:www.yourdomain.com

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