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OttawaStart Newsletter
Ottawa area news, events as well as informal historical and cultural information. Circulation: over 1500 subscribers. Frequency: 1-2 issues per week.
The OttawaStart website includes a directory of local Web links, as well as free classifieds, movie listings, giveaways and more. Sign up for free gas prices updates, free car pool info and more!   Founded in 1998 by Glen Gower, a local producer, the site now serves 20,000 visitors every week.

Ottawa Networking Events

Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation
The Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI) is one of Canada's most successful partnership organizations. Through its more than 600 members, OCRI brings business, education and research together to create the winning economic conditions that allow Ottawa's companies to thrive locally and compete globally.

Ottawa Capital Network
The Ottawa Capital Network assists in creating efficiencies in the capital market through programs aimed at educating the entrepreneurial community, creating linkages among the investment community and providing knowledge and support to the business community. The Ottawa Capital Network (OCN) is a program of OCRI’s Entrepreneurship Centre. OCRI is a not-for-profit organization that builds on the strengths of the region to advance research and development, lifelong learning, professional development and community infrastructure.

The Ottawa Network
The Ottawa Network (TON) is a grass roots, community based, volunteer organization founded in the fall of 2001. Since then, The Ottawa Network has been very successful in creating a community of budding Ottawa entrepreneurs that support and learn from each other. There were over 700 members of the “network”, as of the fall 2003, including entrepreneurs, professionals and supporters.

Ottawa Wireless Cluster
The Ottawa Wireless Cluster holds regular events that include networking and presentations from industry experts on topics ranging from wireless technologies, business models, marketing and investment.

Ottawa e-Business Cluster
The Ottawa e-Business cluster (EBC) is Ottawa's primary e-Business and e-Commerce hub. Events and resources are meant for companies engaged in online business as well as for providers, suppliers and support services to the e-Business sector. The primary mission of EBC is 'virtual' economic development and stimulation. All feature speaker and network events are FREE. EBC is an OCRI supported cluster. 

Ottawa Manufacturers' Network 
The Ottawa Manufacturers' Network (OMN) provides a networking environment for area manufacturing companies, large and small, from all sectors of industry, companies supporting manufacturing, and other relevant government and educational entities.

Ottawa Test Engineering Workshop
This organization conducts regular workshops that attract 1000+ people from 150+ different companies.

A speaker series designed exclusively for Ottawa's rapidly growing technology marketing community.

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