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Email Management and Email Marketing Tools

Vertical Response
This system has an excellent interface and a very intuitive flow. The features and capabilities are superb and yet extremely easy to use. They offer cross-reference tracking with Google Analytics and Salesforce.com, which is a great added bonus. The best program I've seen so far. They are also the most economical. You pay only when you send a campaign, there are no monthly fees. For 5000 email addresses, the cost is around $30. One issue we discovered with them is they do not support heavy HTML code. Emails with heavy HTML code get corrupted on delivery. So if you are using VerticalResponse, create simple designs, with no gradient effects, layered images, nested tables, etc.

Their interface is also nice and quite intuitive. Monthly fees start at $9.95. They provide good HTML support. Our heavy HTML format with a lot of fancy gradient backgrounds and layered images did not get corrupted.

GotMarketing, now Campaigner
Canadian email management system. Quite good, but not as cost-effective as Vertical Response or iContact.

Constant Contact
The interface is less intuitive than in other email management systems, and the cost is higher, but it is still a good service. They offer decent templates, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

Reports say that their support for heavy HTML code is fantastic. But it comes at a price. This system is best suited for businesses who rely on email marketing heavily.

Email newsletter distribution, mailing lists

  • NetAtlantic (very inexpensive)
  • SparkList (more expensive, but still easily affordable)
  • TechOnline (hosted webinars with email promotion, great for technology companies, prices start at $12K, but results are excellent)
  • Vizu (create a poll and post it on hundreds of websites, receive answers in real time, $99)

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