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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an interesting area to study. The SEO field can hardly be called 'scientific'. Rather, it is based on what the authors of Freakonomics would call 'casual empiricism', since the only means of verifying what works and what doesn't in this field is determined by observing results, working on various cases, and following them through time (not unlike contemporary medicine). On the plus side, SEO is relatively limited in nature, not very technical, there are no trade secrets, and there is an ocean of free SEO information on the Internet

For example, a quick search on Google for 'search engine optimization' usually returns over 30,000,000 web links. If you are an absolute beginner, it should not take you more than a few weeks of reading to receive a good understanding of the industry. To become an SEO consultant, you would in addition need a minimum of two years working with a number of websites in different industries to feel confident in the field.

In this section we offer a few downloadable products that can be helpful to anyone who is interested in Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. For those who want to get a basic understanding of what is involved in the SEO process and how to measure and evaluate the performance of an SEO consultant, for example, our free newsletter would suffice well. For those interested in learning how to conduct a successful Internet Marketing & SEO project by themselves quickly and efficiently and how to maintain the achieved results through time with the least effort, we recommend purchasing our Web Marketing & SEO Guide or our webinars.

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